Company Name: Storefront

Founded Year: 2012

Company Website:

Key People: Erik Eliason, Tristan Pollock

Tags: online retail space

New York City is crowded but Storefront is offering something all of us crave: space!

“Storefront is the easiest way to rent retail space,” said Tristan Pollock, co-founder at Storefront. “Traditionally, you may sign a five to 10 year lease but with Storefront you can rent retail space by the day, week or month.”

Hattie Saltonstall and Vanessa Vallarino are two designers that have used Storefront’s services. “We’re trying to do a pop-up shop and we’re both designers and we’ve had our own line for the last two years, and we thought this would be a really great opportunity to interact with the public and not have to go through a buyer or the main stream where you can really interact with the customers,” Saltonstall said.

“The pop-up is really an opportunity for a brand to connect, one-on-one with the customer, the press, with bloggers to really convey that touchy-and-feel element, the DNA of their brand, and really get ingrained in that person’s mind, so they can continue to follow them offline later,” said Melissa Gonzalez, an advisor at Storefront.

Traditionally, you may sign a five to 10 year lease but with Storefront you can rent retail space by the day, week or month.

“We are in the corner pop-up shop,” said John Knowles, said director of marketing at the Roger Smith Hotel. “We’re going to show room of one of our double double suites. You’ll see at the Roger Smith every room has books, every room is uniquely designed by my mother, which brings the family business together.”

“It’s that simple,” Pollock said. “So you come to the site, you search for first, what location—you know where you want to go. So say you’re going to New York, going to SoHo, you can type that in and start looking and viewing spaces that are on the listing page. And then from there, if you have a certain size you’re looking for, maybe there’s a certain budget you have in mind, you can filter the other rooms out. Then from there you can reach out directly to space owners.”

So, New York City, keep popping up. I’m Meg Maley with Storefront, AlleyWire.




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